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This work has as main lead the idea of non-linearity of events and the impossibility to conceptualize evolution, both in scientific, philosophical and artistic fields. From this point of view it is impossible to think in post-modern, post-biologic terms. We propose the idea of the term "Folds Era", to designate the present time. The work's aesthetics illustrate this idea.

We understand the time continuity as "volution", neither evolution nor involution but "volution" as in the radical "voluta" (1545; it. Voluta, Latin word from volutus, p. p. de volvere, "to roll")(1), time continuity, "volvimento" of the scientific, philosophic and artistic knowing. This process is achieved by the folding of layers (previously static fields of human knowledge, or fragments of such). These layers can be organized or disorganized by simulations such as stratigraphic charts but without defined parameters. These layers are permeable allowing the merging between the primitive static fields of knowledge. By that way scientific permeates the philosophic, artistic interferes on the scientific and mathematics is mixed with ecology. Secretions of linguistic, music and computing contaminate sociology.

We borrow some concepts by Gilles Deleuze, expanding its boundaries and limits. "Each one being folded, but also folding others or allowing itself to be folded by others engendering retroactions, connections, proliferation in the fractalization of such infinity, infinitely folded."(2)

Folds that, conceptually, are still an allusion to communication networks construct the web site. The Web site content consists of images (photographs of performances, installations, video art and numeric imagery) and essays from the Research Group CORPOS INFORMÁTICOS.

(1) ROBERT, Paul. Petit Robert, ed. Le Robert, Paris, p. 2116, Translated by Corpos Informaticos.

(2) DELEUZE, Gilles, "Qu'est-ce que la philosophie", Les éd. de Minuit, Paris, 1991, p. 42, Translated by Corpos Informaticos.

By Bia Medeiros


Web Artist Carla Rocha